Connect with Other Activists in Your Community

Replacing the growth machine with a sustainability ethic

"We want to protect and preserve. Frankly, to love rather than destroy."

The Importance of Friends

You cannot hope to win against the Growth Machine without help from others, both inside and outside your community. It is extremely important to establish relationships with other activists whose interests also benefit from controlling growth and development. A good network is a rich source of diverse information (intelligence) and critical advice, of help for getting work done, and of political clout. These relationships deserve your care, respect and attention for they provide you with close allies and best friends, both of which you will need. Local contacts are more important than state-wide organizations, which have less focus on, interest in, or time for local issues.

Building Your Network

Start with the following organizations, go to one of their meetings, make a friend or two, and get their contact information. Don't stop with one contact; ask to be referred to others in other organizations or control-growth advocates who may not be affiliated with any organization.

Letter-to-the-Editor as a Networking Tool

Another way to network is to write a letter-to-the-editor about conservation or overdevelopment in your local newspaper. Like-minded people may contact you. Be forewarned, however, that newspapers are allies of the Growth Machine (see Be Knowledgeable About Growth Issues). And so the newspaper may not print your letter or worse, humiliate you by publishing a butchered remnant of it. And if you insist that the letter be published only if it is unaltered, they may not publish it.

Creating worthy places for our great, great grandchildren

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