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Replacing the growth machine with a sustainability ethic

"If I don't help your community stop growth and development, it will eventually threaten my community."
Adapted from quote attributed to Pastor Martin Niemoller
regarding the Holocaust as related in Exile in the Fatherland

Our Purpose

This website is intended to aid people who want to control growth proactively in their communities. Its creation was made possible by people from across the U.S. with direct experience in these issues. This website will have succeeded if it helps those who struggle against local growth avoid the obstacles and disappointments that veteran activists have encountered along the way.

By helping grass-roots control-growth and sustainability advocates become more effective, the control-growth movement itself will grow. And the more visible and pervasive this movement becomes, the more our individual efforts are validated in the eyes of both opinion/decision makers and the public.

Our Approach

This website is a portal to other organizations and resources. Since we don't have paid staff, we can devote our time improving and maintaining this website rather than soliciting donations or foundation support. Most important, because we don't compete for funding vis--vis resource providers whom we reference, we can reference the very best resources available. Finally, since our need for funding is minimal, we will continue to operate for as long as activists find us useful.

Our current project is somewhat modest, but a national conference on growth and overdevelopment will be organized once the number of grass-roots activists reaches a critical mass.

Your Input

Do you have information that would be useful to others? It is very important for control-growth advocates across the country to share intelligence. Members of the Growth Machine do it; we should, too. Please make this website more useful and keep it up-to-date by sending in references, links and information that you think should be added (or removed). Contributors to this website are listed below. Thank you!

Bob Fireovid (

Content Contributors
Sara Case
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Ruth Kastner
Jack Marshall
Kathleene Parker
Bill Ryerson
Ed Stennett
Joyce Tarnow
Don Weeden

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Creating worthy places for our great, great grandchildren

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