Petition Tool for Fighting Population Growth

    Current government policies actively encourage population growth, and the petition is a basic political tool that shows government officials and reporters that many people want these policies changed. It tells decision and opinion makers that they need to take us seriously.

    The more signatories on the petition, the more effective a lobbying tool it becomes. A legislator will be more influenced if she knows that 1,000 people have signed your petition than if there are just a handful. Therefore, to maximize the petition's value, it is important that as many people as possible in your community and in your state sign it. Even if you do not plan to send the petition to your elected leaders, please sign it so that you can support the work of other activists in your community.

    You can download the petition and sent it to decision and opinion makers via fax, e-mail or postal letter. You can also mention how many others in your state/province, county or city have signed the petition (see Step 4 below). But the most effective way to educate and influence decision/opinion makers is to deliver the petition to them in a face-to-face meeting. To help you make the best of such meetings, this website allows you to invite other petitioners to join you (see Step 5 below). Before you arrange such a meeting, review these Eight Tips for a Successful Lobby Visit compiled by the Friends Committee on National Legislation.

    Good luck!

  1. Step 1:   Select your state/province of residence:

  2. Step 2:     and sign it using the form below. Neither your name nor contact information will be used for any other purpose. By signing this petition, your name may be provided to a government official (along with other petitioners) if they request such a list to verify the number of petitioners.
  3. First name*:
    Last name*:
    Street address*:
    Postal/Zip code*: (no extended zip codes, please)
    e-mail address**:
    <== note: you must click this button to sign the petition
    * Needed in case government officials want to confirm your residency.
    ** Although optional, other activists in your community can use this information to alert you about a scheduled meeting with government officials or members of the press

  4. Step 3:    Actively recruit as many people as possible (family members, friends, neighbors, etc.) to sign the on-line petition. The more signatories on this petition, the more effective it will be at convincing decision makers and opinion leaders that policies need to change.

  5. Step 4:    Send or take the petition to officials in your government, and tell them how many people have signed the petition in your state/province or community (obtain these numbers here). You can also use this information to write letters to the editor.

  6. Step 5:    If you schedule meetings with officials, invite other petitioners to join you through our monitored e-mail list-serve. Officials are more impressed by a group of 5-8 than if just one or two come to talk with them.
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