Controlling Growth
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mountain scene "Growth actually means less. Less natural beauty, fewer songbirds, fewer trees, less wildlife habitat, less money in our pockets (because of higher taxes), and less peace of mind."

Creating worthy places for our great, great grandchildren

A Portal for Activists in North America
Who Want to Limit Overdevelopment and Growth

Quality Progress
"There is no limit to how much information, understanding or enlightenment we can acquire. There is no limit to diversity, complexity or variety. There is no limit to creativity, enterprise or ambition. There is no limit to personal growth or achievement. A sustainable community can be a dynamic and evolving place. There is no limit to the richness of our lives in such a community."
Better, Not Bigger, Eben Fodor


  1. Gross quantitative growth is never sustainable

  1. A community can progress qualitatively without growing quantitatively (see "Quality Progress" insert)

  2. Increasing people's quality-of-life without gross quantitative growth is necessary for a sustainable, healthy and progressive community (see box re. Qualitative Progress)
  3. To control quantitative growth, citizens must both:  

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"Doubling Time" formula
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Growth is NOT inevitable

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